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Why choosing physical security can be beneficial for your property!

Have you ever thought of having security patrols at your residence or business? Do you have an alarm system or cameras and think that there is no need for phyiscal patrols? Do you think it is too costly?

These are very common questions we get from many clients & customers, and I will try to help explain the benefits of having security patrolling your premises. Mobile patrol security and alarm response is the fastest growing segment of the security industry, and is generally the most cost efficient. Having a stationary guard on site is still good in the instances that you need constant coverage, however this always is more costly.

Having a mobile patrol guard attend to your residence, cottage, or business at random times can be very beneficial. Cameras and alarm systems are great, however this often ends up being more for after the fact, where as having an active visible presence will often help deter would be thiefs, burglars, trespassers, vandalism and more. This is great to supplement an alarm system or camera system as well.

Mobile security guards also provide alarm response and keyholding services, and is usually treated as the highest priority call in the security field. We can respond often quicker than police, and also can hold keys for your business or residence, something police are not able to do. Police place alarm calls on low priority when there are more important calls in queue, and they as such recommend using a security service for higher priority response. It should also be noted many inusrance conpanies offer discounts on home or business insurance if you have security patrols, cameras, or an alarm system.

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions we are always here to assist you 24 hours a day at KC Security Services!


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